A Guide to Paleo Diet Principles

A Guide to Paleo Diet Principles


Following paleo diet principles can prove to be a little overwhelming for the beginners as it is not just a diet but a complete lifestyle. Even the process of eliminating processed foods and making space for unprocessed foods can be challenging for some people. But, putting in a little effort and going slightly out of your way for your own betterment can improve your health a solid hundred folds.


Paleo Diet principles

Knowing the basic principles of the paleo diet can help you keep up with your diet plan in a better way. But what you eat and what you don’t ultimately fall on you. Paleo diet principles are all about making paleo simple and easy to follow.

Below, there are some of the basic paleo diet principles that you should follow in order to genuinely adhere to a paleo diet plan:



According to paleo diet principles, taking refined carbs is not allowed. But carbs are essential for energy and the health of our brain. So, what should you do for that? Here, it is important to know that vegetables and fruits contain carbs as well. There is no need of incorporating anything that is not on your paleo diet plan into your routine in order to get carbs other than fruits and vegetables.


Perfect; to be or not to be

As our life isn’t perfect like some romantic Hollywood movie, paleo diet (since it is a lifestyle) doesn’t have to be perfect either. It is all about keeping a balance between what is the right and preferred way of eating and something that you consider is worth it.


Healthy not Healthy

It is not necessary that the paleo diet is always healthy. You can always create something from paleo ingredients that fit the exact definition of junk food. Foods made of paleo ingredients are technically paleo but certainly not the healthy foods (and definitely don’t fall under Paleo diet principles). Though, you can sometimes eat a little bit off plan but making it a habit isn’t on paleo diet principles. Generally, excess of everything is bad, either it is paleo or not paleo.


Foods for Paleo

Paleo diet isn’t as strict as you think of it. There is a long list of foods that are perfectly fine to be eaten while on the paleo diet.

Scroll down for a beautiful surprise:

  • Vegetables, All of them!
  • Fruits, Again, All of them!
  • Mushrooms, Not the poisonous ones, please.
  • Eggs
  • All kinds of meat
  • All kinds of seafood, including sea vegetables
  • Seeds and Nuts
  • Spices and Herbs
  • Good Fats, from plants and animals

It doesn’t sound that bad, does it? In its true essence, the paleo diet is a plant-based diet. Following paleo diet principles, only one portion of your paleo diet should be based on proteins, while the other three portions should be composed of vegetables and other green plants.


Foods Not for Paleo

Though there is a lot that you can eat when following a paleo diet plan, there are still some foods that are not allowed. Paleo diet is a process and once you are actually up for it, there is no stopping you.

Scroll down for a scary surprise:

  • Grains and Pseudo Grains
  • Legumes (except the ones with pod)
  • Dairy
  • Refined Food
  • Processed Food
  • Sugar

Depending on what foods have a direct impact on your health, you can make some exceptions on a really small level of “occasionally”.

Elimination Round

Paleo diet principles say that this is the time where you have to eliminate those foods from your diet for thirty days that might be a potential threat to your well-being. Coffee and white potatoes may come under the grey area, these work for some people and doesn’t for others. After a thirty-day period, you have to reinstate the eliminated foods one by one so as to observe which food item affects you in what ways. This way, you can know what foods work best for you and what foods you have to say goodbye to.


Keeping it Simple

The mantra of following a paleo diet plan, keeping in mind the paleo diet principles, is to keep it as simple as possible. Instead of going for complex food strategies and lengthy food recipes, focus on getting the right amount of right nutrition at the right time.


Fresh Goes a Long Way

Eating fresh can really go a long way in terms of good health. What you put inside of your body shows on the outside. Forgiving your body lots of water, micro and macronutrients, vitamins and anti-inflammatory enzymes, fresh vegetables and the green plant is a vital source.



Paleo diet isn’t only about food, following paleo diet principles and a balanced exercise can enhance the diet’s effect in the best possible ways. Don’t go for standard cardio sessions, instead, work on high-intensity but short workouts. You can try going for weight lifting, running, or sprinting.


Weight Problems

If you are facing issues related to your weight, you might want to address this issue right away. If you want to lose weight, cut your intake of carbs to 50 grams a day. Curb the use of tubers, nuts, and fruits, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Take it nicely but take it slow. If you want to gain weight, try eating food that doesn’t take you off your paleo diet plan. If sweet potatoes work for you, go for them.


Take responsibility!

One of the paleo diet principles is that what you decide to do to your body and life entirely depends on you. Don’t let yourself submit to the modern world doctrines only because “others” have submitted to it, but instead, try to find the way that you feel happy walking on. Make your life easier by opting for simpler yet equally effective methods of keeping up with life and your paleo diet plan. A single change can make a huge difference and the responsibility falls on you as to what you decide to make out of it. Don’t forget to be good to yourself and everyone else around you because even the smallest act of kindness can change your perspective on life.

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