10 Signs You Are About to Have a Heart Attack 

10 Signs You Are About to Have a Heart Attack 



Do you know more than 735,000 people in America have heart attacks every year? Surprisingly, the number of people dying every year due to heart attack is 7,000,000 in worldwide. Heart disease is one of the dreadful diseases around the world, which is increasing rapidly.

People initially face chest pain, but there are other symptoms you may see before having a heart attack. Especially, many women often overlook different signs before having a heart attack, which leads to severe heart diseases. We are describing 10 signs you are about to have a heart attack. Let’s dive a little bit to find it.


10 Signs You Are About to Have a Heart Attack

  1. Chest Pain

One of the most common classic signs of heart attack is chest pain. However, many of us often neglect it. It is also called crushing pain that feels like a heavy thing is sitting down on chest or sensing pressure on your chest.

The pain can be in the middle of the chest or any side. When you feel extremely unwell while having chest pain, it is time to see you a doctor emergently.


  1. Tingling or Discomfort in Other Body Parts

Sometimes heart attacks may arise due to the problem of other body parts. You may notice different kinds of discomfort in other body parts. Like feeling pain in your right or left arm or both arms, or tingling or immobility.

Apart from these body parts, you may also sense pain in the jaw, stomach, shoulder, or back. No matter where the pain is, you should take it seriously if the pain lasts more than a few hours. Because it may a signal of a heart attack.


  1. Feeling Sick

Obviously not every symptom of feeling unwell will be due to heart diseases. However, you never know the situation may get worst within a few moments. Plus, if you feel extremely sick along with chest pain while just sitting around doing nothing, then it’s time to see a physician immediately.


  1. Cold Sweats, or Diaphoresis

If you are sweating suddenly even though the weather doesn’t indicate to have this kind of reaction, it might be an early heart attack sign. But sometimes cold sweats or diaphoresis might be occurred due to stress or anxiety disorders. So, it is best to give proper attention when this kind of symptom multiple times.


  1. Nausea or Even Vomiting

If you feel uneasiness in the stomach area, which is called nausea, it might be a heart attack sign. This issue mainly happens before vomiting. You feel discomfort or pain in your stomach area and may start to vomit. Nausea primarily occurs due to burdensomeness, stiffness, or a feeling of indigestion that doesn’t clear out.


  1. Shortness of Breath

Feeling shortness of breath suddenly may not necessarily be because of the lung. When you face difficulty breathing or feeling breathlessness abnormally despite being a healthy person, it can be an initial indication of a heart attack. However, it can also happen due to discomfort weather, doing weighty work, or obesity.


  1. Heart Palpitations

The heart rate of a healthy normal person is between 50 to 100 beats every minute. Heart palpitation occurs when your heart is pumping rapidly and irregularly. It can be triggered because of distress, workout, or meditation. However, if your heart is pounding or beating irregularly for more than a few minutes, it can be an early heart attack sign.


  1. Leg Pain

If you feel pain or get a clenching commotion while walking, then it is better to consult a doctor. Sometimes, it may lead to peripheral arterial disease, mostly on diabetics’ patients or smokers.


  1. Dizziness or Extreme Fatigue

If you experience extreme tiredness all day long, even though doing nothing or doing something light, it may lead to heart failure or other problems. Nevertheless, it can happen due to other issues apart from a heart problem. You can consult a general practitioner who can help you to change your lifestyle.


  1. Swollen Ankles

Swollen ankles are quite common for those people who stand or walk for a long time. It also occurs when you take some particular medicines like blood pressure. But it should not be ignored, especially if the ankles get really big as it can cause a significant health problem in the future. No matter whatever the reason, make an appointment with a physician to prevent substantial future issues.


How to Prevent A Heart Attack?

First of all, you need to know your symptoms for a heart attack. So you need to consult a physician to identify the risk factors and follow up doctor’s suggestion to prevent heart attack. You will get many life-saving tips from a doctor like

  • Drinking sufficient clean water daily to boost energy and promotes weight loss
  • Doing exercise regularly to reduce the risk of heart diseases and lower blood pressure
  • Doing yoga or meditation to mental relaxation
  • Eating a healthy and heart-smart diet to decreaseblood cholesterol
  • Limiting alcohol and completely giving up smoking


Different people may have various symptoms before getting a heart attack. Some may receive multiple signs, while few find hardly any symptoms. If you diabetics, you may notice no warning at all before having a silent heart attack.

In addition, people who have hypertension may also have a high chance of getting heart disease. However, you can reduce this heart problem by almost 50% by controlling your blood pressure. No matter whatever the problem is, always contact your doctor and regularly check up your body to find any abnormal issue.

Final Thought

Though people are becoming more health conscious day-by-day, a large number of people still having heart attack each year. One study found that around 11 percent of men and 9 percent of women in the UK have heart diseases.

Whenever you notice any unusual things, make sure to take it seriously, and seek medical professionals’ help. Because overlooking tiny issues, sometimes leads to serious problems. Hopefully, all the 10 signs you are about to have a heart attack we have mentioned will help to take better care of your heart. Life is short, so live happily, healthily.


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