10 Cancer Causing Drinks You Need to Avoid 



Cancer has become a deadly disease which is often uncurable for many people. In the US, 606,880 people died due to cancer in 2019. More and more people are coming up with new cancer cases. It requires lots of time, money, and efforts to treat this disease, and very often, people die while fighting against cancer. Plus, scientists and doctors are still struggling to find the best treatment for it.

A significant proportion of cancer happened due to foods or drinks that we eat every day. A proverb goes that we are what we eat. Healthy foods and beverages play a crucial role in preventing cancer. We are mentioning 10 cancer causing drinks you need to avoid to prevent cancer.

10 Cancer Causing Drinks You Need to Avoid

  1. 1.Tap Water

The water structure of European countries is often not repaired by the authority for a long time. The situation is worst in Asian, especially in South-Asian developing countries. Instead of cleaning up the water structure, most of the people use toxic chemicals. These chemicals contain toxic biological impurity, which causes disinfection.

Most tap water includes chlorine to eliminate germs and microorganisms. When the chlorine mixes with other ingredients, it produces harmful ingredients. It triggers kidney diseases and ultimately adds cancer risk.


  1. Bottled Water

Most of the bottled water is harmful to health.  Plastic bottles contain dangerous chemicals like bisphenol-A, microplastics, etc. as it is made from plastic. These chemicals include toxin, which can leach into water and cause different health issues like metabolic disorders, imbalanced hormones, glands, and breast cancer.


  1. Alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol for a long time may create several health issues. Several researchers found that alcohol harms our psychological health, damages fertility, and weakens memory skills. Plus, it may also cause colon cancer or breast cancer, liver damage, gullet as there is a connection between alcohol and cancers.

Red wines are good for health to some extent as it contains antioxidant content. However, it can still cause cancer since it includes ethanol, which disrupts brain cells’ communication. That’s why doctors suggest people not drink alcohol more than two glasses every day.


  1. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks often work as a silent killer as it slowly damages your inside body. Most energy drinks contain caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and harmful dyes, decreasing drowsiness, and losing inhibition.

Many people died because of over-drinking energy drinks. As energy drinks weaken our body to work ineffectively and kill our cells, there is a high chance of risk for cancer.


  1. Regular Soda

Sodas are harmful to health as it contains caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and toxic dyes like energy drinks. It creates more fat in our body parts, mainly in the muscles and liver. Most significantly, soda includes a colorant chemical called 4-MeI, which may cause cancer in mice when you drink it for a long time.


  1. Very Hot Drinks

Drinking hot beverages is common in Asia, Africa and South America. Studies found that drinking too much usually may increase the risk of cancer, especially throat cancer. The risk even moves further when you drink it by mixing up with fatty alcohol or tobacco.

Though it doesn’t cause many problems when you drink a hot drink, it is better to let it cool down for a minimum temperature to avoid risk. The hot drink temperature should be a minimum of 149 degrees Fahrenheit to consider it safe for drinking.


  1. Fancy Coffee Drinks

Typical coffees work like a resistor against cancer as it contains antioxidants and healthy ingredients. Unfortunately, fancy coffee drinks are far different from actual coffee, and they are hardly beneficial for your health.

Instead, it can be terrible for your health because it contains flavored syrups full of sugar and cream. The appearance of sugar, calories, and fat are high in fancy coffee drinks. So it may cause diabetics and even cancer when you consume too many beverages regularly.


  1. Juice & Juice Drinks

It may seem awkward to see juice as a reason for cancer because we consider it healthy. Natural things are best suitable for our health. When we modify the system, it may trigger severe problems for our health instead of any benefit.

Fruits and vegetables contain high numbers of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, the nutrition level diminishes when make juice using fruits and vegetables. Plus, researchers found that drinking regularly juice may lead to rectal cancer because of a more significant sugar level.


  1. Store Bought Smoothies

Smoothies include a significant number of fiber inside it. But the quality of smoothies diminishes its value when mixed with a lot of extra stuff and artificial sweetener. Furthermore, the added sugar and unhealthy ingredients may cause multiple health issues like coronary artery disease, diabetes, liver disease, and even cancer. If you really want to drink smoothies, then drink homemade smoothies. Make sure not to overeat regularly.


  1. Sports Drinks

Most of the sports drinks include carbohydrates to get an immediate source of energy. When you drink a high amount of sports drinks every day, it may increase the chance of obesity and type 2 diabetes. These types of health issues may trigger the development of cancer in your body initially. It may also cause insomnia, agitation, light-headedness, and even hypertension.


Final Thought 

There is more than 50% water in our body, so we need to keep our body hydrated all day long. However, we need to wisely choose which types of drinks we will consume throughout the day. Because harmful beverages or drinks may impact our body negatively. It may give rise to several health diseases and even raise our risk of cancer.

To prevent cancer, we need to modify our lifestyle and choose only those healthy foods and drinks that will keep ourselves healthy in the long run. When you consume any drink next time, be conscious of the choice you make. So drink nutritious, rich drinks to stay healthy and fit.


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