10 Food Combinations That Can Ruin Your Health Be Careful! 

10 Food Combinations That Can Ruin Your Health: Be Careful! 


Mr. Smith is a senior manager of a company. He doesn’t get much time for lunch usually because of the work pressure in his office. So, he has been used to shortcut meals-sandwich and coffee. This food combination is his favorite also. 

Again Mr. Smith’s five years old son Peter doesn’t like to drink milk. So, his mom makes a food combination of banana and milk. This milkshake tastes better to Peter rather than only milk. 

But do you know the above two food combinations are harmful for your health? If you aren’t conscious about this topic then this content is going to make you alert about it. Now, which are the 10 food combinations that can ruin your health? Let’s know!


What is Food Combination?

Food combination or food combining is also called tropology. This term is used as a nutritional approach that advocates specific combinations of foods.

Sometimes some food combinations are harmful for health. People take them usually without being conscious about the fact. But some food combinations are so dangerous that they can even cause death! So, we have to have some knowledge on food combinations which are not friendly for health.


10 Food Combinations That Can Ruin Your Health: 

So, let’s know about 10 food combinations that can ruin your health. You would be surprised to know that most of the combinations are so familiar and favourite to people! 


1) Banana and Milk:

It is a very common example of food combination. Specially this combination is most popular among kids. If bananas and milk are consumed together then they can produce toxins which can cause sinus, cold, cough, allergy and congestion. Also the combination imbalances our digestive system.

Solution: You can take banana and milk separately  and thus enjoy the benefits of these two nutritional foods.


2) White Bread and Jam: 

Homemade White Bread with Strawberry Jam

If white bread and jam are eaten regularly at breakfast then this combination is not good for health. Because you need to start your day with some foods which have fiber and protein. 

The combination of white bread and jam doesn’t contain enough fiber and protein. And this makes you hungry in the middle of the day. As a result, you overeat. 

Solution: You can take whole-grain bread instead of white bread for more fiber and peanut butter instead of jam for protein. 


3) Meat and Potatoes: 

A common example of the combination of meat and potatoes is burger and french fries. Both the meat and potatoes are deeply fried. 

The meat steak used within burger breads contains protein. On the other hand, the potatoes which are used for making french fries contain starches. Protein and starch do not mix well together. They prevent the digestion of one another. As a result, you feel like you ate too much! 

Solution: Take burger and french fries separately. As these are fast foods, try to avoid taking fast foods much. 


4) Olive Oil and Nuts: 

This food combination can make you sick! Olive oil contains fat and nuts contain protein. These two nutrients don’t mix together. The fat gets digested and it prevents the digestion of protein. Then the protein sits in your stomach and you feel sick! 

Solution: Use olive oil in your daily cooking or you can also use the oil in salad. Nuts are good to eat separately. You can mix different types of nuts (walnut, peanut, almond, cashio) and enjoy the benefits.


5) Yogurt and Fruits: 

There is a myth that a food combination of yogurt and fruits is a very healthy choice. But that’s not true!

Most of the fruits contain acids and yogurt contains protein. When acid comes in contact with protein it makes the protein toxic. This toxic food combination can lead to food allergies. 

Solution: Eat yogurt and fruits separately. It’s a more healthy choice to eat yogurt alone without mixing any acidic fruit or sugar.


6) Cereal and Juice: 

You may think that a glass of juice along with the breakfast cereal will give you more energy. But that’s wrong! 

Cereal contains carbohydrates. The acids present in fruit juices prevent the breaking down of carbs by affecting the enzyme activities. 

Solution: Take cereal and fruit juice separately. Also try to avoid cereal and milk! 


7) Tomato and Pasta: 

It is a favourite Italian dish to most of the people. Pasta contains carbohydrate and tomato contains salicylic acid. 

These carbs and acids make your stomach work in overdrive to digest everything. If you add cheese to the dish, it makes the combination 10 times worse than before! 

Solution: You can eat raw tomato as salad. It is better for health rather than fried or cooked tomatoes. You can make your pasta delicious by adding other food items like potatoes, meat, prawn or vegetables. 


8) Pizza and Soda: 

A combination of pizza and soda is offered to customers in most fast food shops. But it is a very bad choice for health! 

Pizza is loaded with starch and protein whereas soda contains high amounts of sugar. The result is, the combination slows down digestion and makes it sluggish. 

Solution: Consume pizza and soda separately. Pizza is a fast food and soda is rich in high sugar. So avoid taking them much.


9) Fruits after Meal: 

Fruits should not be taken after a heavy meal like lunch or dinner. Generally components like carbohydrates, proteins or fats remain in the dishes of a meal. They take a long time to digest. But fruits digest quickly.

If the sugar of the fruit stays in the stomach for a long time because of the heavy meal then it could ferment and cause stomach troubles. 

Solution: instead of taking fruits after meals you can consume them in the mid time of two heavy meals. For example, between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner you can take some pieces of fruits. 


10) Water with Food: 

There are some acids in our stomach which are essential for digesting the food we eat.

If we take water along with meals then water may dilute stomach acids. As a result, acids have to work more to digest foods. 

Solution: Drink water before starting your meal and drink it again after finishing the meal.


Final Verdict: 

I hope this content will be very very helpful for you! You come to know about 10 food combinations that can ruin your health.

If some of these are your favourite combinations then do some sacrifices and try to avoid them for the sake of your health. Specially try to avoid fast foods and eat natural foods to keep yourself healthy.



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