6 Reasons Why Chicken Skin Is Good For You

6 Reasons Why Chicken Skin Is Good For You

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In a recent presentation, I breathed a sigh of relief to my audience when I suggested that they stop peeling off the skin on the outside of the chicken and stop providing top dollars for heavenly, boneless, skinless breasts.

After all … chicken is a complete food. Until you start removing things.

Ever really think about that?

When we talk about whole foods, we mean foods that are minimally processed. A product of nature – in its natural form. Eating whole foods means eating all edible parts. For example, fat is found naturally in milk. Kale stems. Apple and potato skin and … yes, chicken.

However, we have been told that chicken skin is terrible for us. Unlike beef, which is marbled with fat, chicken fat is just below the skin. We snatch it and breed our chickens with less and less fat.

This search for a low fat diet … ummm … it just doesn’t work. Just look around.


So let me suggest that we stop manipulating food and allow our complex organizations, with systems scientists can barely get their heads around, eat as nature provides. We are not more intelligent than nature.


If this theory of eating whole foods is still submerged, here are 6 reasons why eating chicken skin is good for you.

  1. Let’s talk about the type of fat you will get in chicken skin. It is mainly monounsaturated in the form of oleic acid. Olive acid, also found in olive oil, is known for its beneficial effects on cholesterol.
  2. If you’re in a calorie counting camp, there’s a difference of about 50 calories in chicken with or without skin. There seems to be a small price to pay for a huge amount of taste and satisfaction.
  3. Of course chicken skin contains saturated fat. This is not an accident. Nature provides what the body needs. The body does not need soda. The body does not need cotton candy. Or Gatorade body actually takes some saturated fat. So eat it.
  4. Did I mention taste and satisfaction? You don’t need to eat too much or too often when your food meets your taste buds and body desires. The craving for sugar has diminished and you can go back to loving the food instead of fearing it. It’s huge, man.
  5. Fat does not make you fat. If this were the case then the loft / nonfat craze would give us thin country. Instead, we have an obesity epidemic. It just doesn’t add up. Here’s a thought. Eat the skin that occurs naturally in chickens. Don’t eat I can’t believe it’s not butter, power bars, egg waffles or other food items made in the lab. See what happens.
  6. Forget marinades, seasonings and complex recipes! Naturally occurring fats make chicken as fun as it is delicious. Cooking is easy.

Go forth and actually enjoy your food.

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